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        2. Welcome to the official website of Tianjin Lianchuang Weilai Technology Development Co., Ltd.

          +86 18602228772


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          Tianjin Lianchuang weilaiTechnology Development Co,.Ltd

          Tianjin Lianchuang weilaiTechnology Development Co,.Ltd

          Mainly engaged in physical and chemical laboratory equipment and instrument repair business, to provide users with an integrated solution to the overall physical and chemical laboratory construction. After nearly 20 years of intensive management and service, large and medium-sized enterprises in North China related to metals are all users of our company.

          Main business scope SPECTRO SCIAPS GLMY
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          • 186-0222-8772
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          • 186-0222-8772
          • No. 17 Yujiang Road, Hexi District, Tianjin, North of Nanjing University of Technology